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Our Story

Foundations International Ministries was birthed in 1995; we were given a vision along with a holy mandate to reach and teach tribes and ethnos in the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Founders are Melinda and Robert Brondell their heartbeat and mission is manifest in three passionate pursuits.

Our Story
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Who Are We



Through Missions Training Events we bring Kingdom transformational truths.  Training and equipping leaders transforms families and communities. Solid biblical foundational teaching with Spirit-led power brings stability, maturity and encouragement to the church. Transform from church membership to discipleship and church goers to become the End Time Bride. Planting two-year Bible schools fulfills the vision of seeing leaders and  faith communities lead a Spirit led life to impact their  community and nations. 


Apostolic Mission is to teach, equip and train leaders in Kingdom Principals. Accomplished through leadership Conferences and Planting Bible Training Centers through out Africa. Out of those plantings we bring transformational truth to communities. Our teams provide leadership training, evangelism, small business planning,  women’s. children, youth and marriage seminars for Kingdom expansion.  

FIM is an apostolic, equipping and training ministry. For thirty years we have led teams into the nations to bring transformational Kingdom truth to the church. We believe strongly in five-fold ministry teams  training leaders in kingdom principals and Holy Spirit encounters. We are mentoring, discipleship and forward ignitors so leaders can pursue Kingdom purposes. 



Jerrie Alexander

Jerrie Alexander is an ordained minister and board member with Foundations International Ministries and a graduate of FIM’s Foundations Bible Training Center. Jerrie is in her 27th year of traveling to other nations with FIM,

working with and leading short-term mission teams. Jerrie has ministered in Zambia, DRC, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia and Nagaland. Her regional work has been with such ministries as Safe House, Blood ‘n Fire, Must Ministries and Prison Fellowship. Jerrie has served as Vice-President of Ministries for the Northeast Georgia Area Board of Aglow International Ministries.

She currently serves with the Aglow International as an advisor, works with prison ministries and works alongside many intercessory ministries.

Jerrie moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with manifest power in deliverance, emotional healing, the Fathers love and a proven prophetic voice. She has a proven heart of servant-hood and carries a prophetic anointing that marks her leadership ministry.  Jerrie is a proven leader in her own right and a valuable apostolic team member with F.I.M. The board of F.I.M. ministries stands behind Jerrie with the highest of recommendations.

Jerrie is widowed and has three grown children who are serving the Lord and  has twelve grandchildren.

Apostle Robert and Dr. Rev. Melinda Brondell

Dr. Rev. Melinda Brondell is Apostolic  Founder of Foundations International Ministries and Foundations Bible Training Centers. The Lord is using Melinda internationally as an apostolic voice to charge the church and leaders into deeper passionate relationship with the Lord.  Melinda is being used by the Holy Spirit to ignite reformation fire in the hearts of believers and transformational biblical platforms in the churches. She is a sought out conference speaker.

The hallmarks of Melinda’s ministry are the spiritual authority she walks in, with a proven ministry where deliverance, healing and other miracles have been documented. The Lord has also given Melinda international and regional favor with leaders from many nations. She has planted 112 FBTC schools and 102 churches  in 6 nations. She has trained over 50,000 leaders in 13 nations. Melinda is a sought our conference speaker who operates in the gifts of preaching, deliverance and igniting fresh passion for Christ

Apostle Robert Brondell is co-founder of FIM birthed an international apostolic ministry that brings spirit-filled transformational teaching and mentoring to leaders and churches.  Robert and Melinda have oversight of 112 F.I.M., churches, 114 FBTC bible colleges in six nations. Robert is a passionate teacher and is a beloved spiritual Father to many. 

For forty years he was in senior management in the manufacturing industry. The Lord gave Robert the revelation that the five-fold ministry belonged in the workplace just as much as the church. His gifting as an apostle was used to train, promote and identify the gifts of his employees. 


Jeff and Rev. Jennifer Jackson

Jeff and Rev. Jennifer Jackson have been with Foundations International Ministries since 2006 and are avidly and passionately focused on the fulfilling the great commission. 

Both Rev. Jennifer and Jeff are in the marketplace full time as well as ministry. Jennifer is CDO of Sullivan/Strickler, she has also founded businesses, serves on multiple boards of varied ministries and businesses. Jennifer is sought out for her wisdom and counsel. Jeff is an airline pilot for Alaska Airlines and loves hunting and fishing

Jeff and Jennifer are on the board of FIM and Jennifer is the International Coordinator of Mission Projects FIM. Jennifer operates as an apostolic leader with a strong teaching gift; she is as Dr. Melinda says “our right-hand man (woman)”! She is known in the marketplace and the kingdom as a woman of integrity, wisdom and faith. She is an anointed teacher of the word, moves in words of wisdom & knowledge. Jeff has a heart for the suffering in Africa and is a strong advocate of the gospel.


Rev. Tim and Rev. Debbie Hogg

Tim Hogg is the senior leader at Father’s House in Conyers, GA. He

has the privilege of serving with his wife Debbie who helped found the fellowship in 1991. He has been in pastoral leadership for forty-two


Tim is on the board of F.I.M and is one of our main Apostolic teachers.

Prior to that, he traveled as a professional musician with Gospel and

Contemporary Christian music groups. He studied music at Auburn University and

graduated from Southeastern University with a BA in Bible and Christian Education.

 In 2005, Tim completed a master’s degree in Church Leadership from the Assemblies of God School of Theology. He was also awarded a Doctor of Ministries Degree from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Tim has a fathering heart toward leaders in the Body of Christ. This fathering anointing has opened the door for him to travel to many nations and equip leaders. As much as he enjoys ministering the Word of God, he enjoys equipping others to minister in truth and biblical revelation. One of his passions is to help equip them to move beyond traditional religious structures to the kingdom relational family.

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Debbie is a Senior Co-Pastor with her Husband, Tim Hogg at Father’s House Training Center and Congregation in Conyers, Georgia.  She is Prophetic Voice on the Board of F.I.M. she has a proven prophetic teaching and preaching gift.  

Tim and Debbie have been in full time ministry together 42 Years. Debbie operates in a Prophets 5- Fold Gifting as a Prophetic Strategist both for the Body of Christ as well as the other Mountains of Culture. Presently she is Prophetically Coaching several businesses, as well as Education Leaders. She operates as a Gatekeeper that rallies other leaders and Pastors to shift regions.

She graduated from Southeastern University with a Bible and Sacred Music Major. She is a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 7. Her number one passion is to see the Kingdom of Heaven advance in all systems and cultures, and the Bride of Christ to come into her full maturity as an Equal Partner with Christ. She has traveled to many nations on Kingdom Assignments, as well as strategic Prayer assignments in the United States. She loves to impart the prophetic word of the Lord through preaching, worship, prophetic words, and divine strategy.


 JULIE SHUMAKER - Secretary of our Board

By profession, Julie Shumaker is a medical nurse and worship leader. Julie is secretary and cheerleader for our missions projects. She assists Doctor Brondell in planning and executing missions journeys, medical missions, and women’s meetings. Julie has special heart for African missions and has journeyed many times to Zambia. She and her husband David are a vital part of our mission teams. 


International Leaders


Apostle Jim Phiri

Apostle Kelvin Chewe

Apostle Ackson Simposya

Apostle Fidelis Masoso

Apostle Collins Banda


Apostle Julius Mbayachi

Apostle Alex Mudaki

DRC Democratic Republic of Congo

Apostle Caleb Bajafu


Pastor Richard Zziwa


Pastor Abatoni Venancia


Bishop Jackson Mulinde

Bishop Meshack Mawala




The Foundations International Ministries standard for ethics and integrity regarding personal character and ministry will be based on the principals outlined in Holy Scriptures. There is no place for hatred, variance, gossip, lying, stealing or the bigotry of being a respecter of persons by race, economic status, age or whether you are male or female.  We agree that prayer, forbearance, honor, and love will be preeminent in all we do.  We will strive to promote unity in the Body of Christ, being careful of our attitudes of others who serve our Lord. In humility and servanthood we ask Christ our Lord to reign in our hearts and that we are led by the Holy Spirit in all we do.


To submit to leadership as the leadership serves and submits themselves to our Lord Jesus Christ, each of us willingly laying down our lives that Christ might live in us.  Submission is not a place of subservient attitudes or actions but the willingness to be in accountability. Every member must be a giver to the Body of Christ, setting the example of integrity in finances and character.


The relationships we have with one another is a Godly relationship born out of our love and service to Christ. We are to honor these relationships as such, thereby doing nothing that would dishonor the name of Christ, Foundations International Ministries, its leaders or members. Our mutual vision is to be an example of Christ, an emissary of His love and power to the world.

Tenets of Faith

That the Bible is the inspired Word of God: II Timothy 3:16; II Peter 1:21

God is triune: The Godhead is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, eternally existent.  I John 5:6-8

The fall of man: Man fell into sin through voluntary disobedience to God. Gen.1:26; Romans: 3:10
Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified on the cross for the forgiveness of sin, rose from the grave and ascended to sit at the right hand of the Father.  Luke 1: 26-35, 22:69; Romans14:9 

Eternal Life & Salvation: Restored in the right relationship to God, only by grace in belief and confession in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  John 3:16; Matthew 24:13; II.Cor.7:10; Romans 5:8
Celebration of the Lord's Supper:  I Corinthians 11:24-34; Luke 22:19-20

Water Baptism, for every believer in Christ: An outward witness to in the inner work.  Mat.28:19
Baptism of in the Holy Spirit: Evident in the lives of believers by fruit, giftings, and speaking in tongues.  Acts 2:4, 8, 10; Romans 12; I Corinthians 12.    

Sanctification: A progressive work of grace in the life of believers, challenging us to seek and pray for lives that manifest Christ in us (holiness).  II Cor.3:18

Divine Healing and Deliverance, purchased for us on the cross by Christ.  By Him we are healed, delivered from sickness, death and the devil.  Mark 16:18; James 5:14-15; Luke 10:19-20.

The Church & Spiritual Government: Biblical government is not the world’s government or the traditions of men. Christ is the head and cornerstone of our government / the church. The apostles and prophets are foundational in building the church and all the five-fold offices are operational to SERVE and mature the body of Christ, the church.  THE CHURCH IS NOT A BUILDING BUT HIS PEOPLE. Ephesians chapters 1, 2 and 4, book of Acts and every Epistle.

Ministry: The Holy Spirit calls and equips men and women to serve the Body of Christ and reach the lost.  Gifts and callings of God are given by the Spirit as He chooses to accomplish the plans of God.  Joel 2:28-29; Acts 8:17-18; I Cor.  7:20, 12:28; Romans 12; Eph.  4.

Tithes and Offerings: Releases the church to do the work of the ministry.  Mal.3:10; Matt.6:1-4; Luke 6:38; Rom 12:8; I Cor.16:1-2; Deut. 15:11; Proverbs 3:9 & 10.

The Resurrection of the Saints and the Return of our Lord: The Second Coming of Christ is both imminent and personal.  Everyone who is Christ that has passed on will be caught up to meet him in air, and those who remain shall be quickly changed and caught up with them in the clouds.

There is a judgment of tribulation for those who choose not to follow Christ.  I Thes.  4:16-17 and the book of Revelations. (sin, redemption, See entire Old and New Testament) 



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