We believe men and women are called to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, modeling the early church where every believer was serving in his or her callings.  F.I.M. licenses and ordains men and women who are called of God and meet the criteria of those callings.


There has been a tremendous void in mentoring and nurturing leaders and potential leaders in the Body of Christ.  Leaders are not born over night.  We provide proven apostolic leaders who are approachable and available for counsel and onsite assistance for each minister when needed.  We will assist you in setting up or restoring your governmental and technical ministry base. Provide ministries with group tax exemption for their churches or charter outreaches so they are operating legally under IRS regulations.  This will offer their supporters tax exemption for their donations.


F.I.M.'s government is based on the New Testament church. Each of governing leaders operate in one of Five Fold offices with the authority to ordain, license, plant churches, missions, evangelistic charters and give oversight to those under our Umbrella of leadership.


We have established Bible Training Centers FBTC (Foundations Bible Training Centers)  to equip leaders to fulfill their call in Christ.  Our association's foundation is Christ first with the building being firmly held by the five fold offices: apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist for the equipping of the saints. We believe the Body of Christ are all "Lay leaders”.  We believe every person who commits to a personal relationship with Christ is called to serve the Lord, the church and win the world to Christ.


The Lord has used us internationally to bring in reformation and ignite fires of passion for Jesus.  We have teams of men and women available to bring breakthrough for ministries. We firmly believe in Godly, Spirit led networking in the Body of Christ.  Our hope is to break barriers of fear, denominational walls andprejudice by serving not just those directly associated with us, but to also serve other Christ led ministries and to impact the world.


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