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We are so excited to let you all know that the Kingdom of God is expanding! We are blessed to have some great leaders, that even though we haven't been able to go in person this past year, have caught the vision to take teams into remote areas and preach the gospel of the kingdom.

Today, Bishop Julius Maina, who is our overseer in Kenya, left with a team to Kaunda district for outreach and door to door ministry, please cover that team as they use the next four days to minister in that territory.

Also traveling, Bishop Caleb Bajafu, Lubumbashi DRC is headed out with a team to Haute Lomani district, to plant another bible school and encourage the churches. It is a long journey and they have asked us to pray for travel safety and fresh anointing for grace and power.

On October 25th Apostle Kevlin Chewe from Kabanana, Lusaka, Zambia with a large missions team of over 20 (yeah is that awesome) will be traveling to Eastern Province to Sinda District. They will have 6 days of evangelism and will be planting a new church and eventually a new school.

What an incredible time of outreach and taking the gospel of the kingdom into new territories! Your prayers make a huge difference.

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