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Aid for Africa

We pray all is well with you! All is good in our home and the quiet times with the Lord have been incredible. We pray you are using part of this time to sequester with HIM!

As you can imagine as hard hit as we are here in America, our African families have been devastated. They already were day to day to make ends meet and now with the government shutdowns, the people are suffering from lack of food and have no way to go out and earn something.

So what is FIM doing? We sent funds so our guys in Lusaka could rent a flatbed truck to go to our farm and get vegetables. That truck will bring veggies to the church in Kabanana and they will disburse those until they run out. We are praying for the supernatural increase and those veggies keep multiplying!

Because of the virus, funds to FIM have dropped drastically. Our desire is, by the end of the month, to gather enough funds to send to five regions; Lusaka, Chiengi, and the Copper Belt in Zambia, Lubumbashi, Congo-DR, and Kakamega, Kenya. We have solid leaders in those regions who would distribute non-perishable food items.

We have thus far been able to send help to two regions. Apostle Kelvin Chewe has been able to delivered food to over 40 families in the Lusaka region. Kelvin said the women and children cried because they had no food and knew God had heard their cry.

In Kenya, Apostle Julius Mbayachi has begun distribution of food, carrying it on his motorbike to our churches in remote villages.

If you can send in a gift of any kind, label it Africa and we will then send funds to as many churches as we can for them to buy rice or shema for their church families.

One 50 pound bag of shema/ugali cost $50 and can feed 50 people for a week.

We cannot meet every need, yet we can take care of our own FIM family. This is the opportune time to seed the nations, a real call to action and opportunity to test the spiritual and natural law of sowing and reaping.

You may send your donations through PayPal by clicking

the icon on the right, go to or send a check to FIM, 646 Stallsworth Rd, McDonough, GA 30252. 100% of your donations go to Africa.

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