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Dear All,

I have had a revelation from the Lord regarding this season of “social distancing”, lockdown, and shut in place orders from the government during this virus crisis. Most of you have had the teachings and revelation concerning the church as the ecclesia – the governmental authority of the church- that we the church are the legal representatives of heaven on earth. As legal agents of heaven (we have access to the courts of heaven and can voice what the word and the Spirit says to change atmosphere and situations) speaking what God is saying and declaring God’s truth. Speaking and following the word of God by his Spirit.

God showed me that we are being sequestered (shut in without influence of outside opinions and voices) for divine purpose. To shut out all the reasonings of men and the lies of enemies, to cut off opinions, fear and panic. To LOOK only at his evidence (his word concerning the hour we are in) Hear me, I am not saying we should not obey the law in this season or understand how to stay healthy! I am saying we are missing the purpose of being shut in place.

So, this can make more sense, please first see the following legal meaning of being sequestered as if you were on a jury deliberating a verdict in a serious life or death trial. Juries hear the evidence in the court room, then in serious cases they are sequestered (locked away) to take ONLY the evidence presented and deliberate what the truth is, who is guilty or who is innocent. What is the verdict of the jury to the court for final judgement from the government? The judge declares the final verdict from the jurors.

First read the legal term concerning a sequester, then I will unfold some of what the Lord is showing me. I am sure more revelation will come from this; I will not even attempt to explore all of those in this teaching. Yet what I believe can come from this initially is that we will find great purpose in this shutdown.


Sequester – Separate, appropriate, restore, isolate, quarantine

A legal courtroom Sequester means to keep separate or apart from others. In "high-profile" criminal prosecutions which have been highly publicized the jury is sometimes sequestered in a hotel without access to news media, the general public or their families except under supervision, in order to prevent the jury from having their opinions tainted by outside information. A juror has a duty to form an opinion in a case based solely upon the evidence presented in the courtroom.

Jurors may be sequestered for the entire duration of the trial or only during the deliberations portion of the trial. When a judge does decide to sequester a jury, it's often because there's a critical piece of inadmissible material being discussed in the press—for example, a suppressed confession. Or there may be the threat of harassment from reporters, protesters, or the defendant's criminal associates. Sequestration has often been used in syndicated-crime cases where a group, like the Mafia or the Hells Angels, may try to influence or intimidate a member of the jury.


Sequestering has a purpose, to cut off and reject all outside voices, opinions, propaganda or other influencing forces. Our evidence is to be based on what God’s word says. The truth and only truth are his word. The spirit of fear, panic and confusion must be put out of the deliberation process.

God is calling us into his presence and his truth. Do not waste this time in worry, stress and conflicting stories. Yes, there is a pandemic, yes this is serious, yes obey those in authority over you (be wise, be safe). But the answer to the outbreak is in prayer. Hearing His voice, declaring what he is saying and trusting his word. Take your main focus off of social media, news and men’s opinions.

Now take this extra time and find your quiet place to be with him. Be willing to get rid of your personal thoughts and opinions. Take your bible and a notebook with you. Here a few scriptures to start with. Psalms chapter 9, chapter 46 and chapter 103. After reading and praying write down what he is showing you. No legalism you don’t have to devour these in one setting. Now declare out loud who he is and what he is saying. The blood of Christ, more powerful than the lamb of the Old Testament. Read: Hebrews 11:28, 13:15, I Peter 1:19, Revelation 5:9 and Revelation 7:14


If you have an understanding of the teaching on the courts of heaven, (or desire to) please take this further. First stand in gap and repent for the sins of the nation and every legal access we have given the enemy through our sins. Then you find what God’s word says and then you can find the purposes of the enemy as illegal and worthy to be judged and brought down (guilty of death, guilty of destruction, guilty of perversion, guilty of fear, guilty of robbery etc.) We the jury (ecclesia) must find the spirit of this age as guilty, in need of the sentence of the court to declare his defeat. Isaiah 6:1-12, Ps: 45:9, Ps.96:8, Ephesians 2:6 and Isaiah 26: 20 -21. For understanding you read the book by Robert Henderson on the Courts of Heaven.

These are just the basics. There is so much in this; it will take much more study and contemplation. I don’t want to overload you; I want to compel you to truth, joy and righteousness.

I pray this launches you into some of revelation that is pouring out in the hour we are in. We are called to intercession and declaration; don’t let this hour pass you by. Cast down fear and rejoice over his tender mercies, hand of deliverance and freedom to meet with him face to face. So much love to each of you!

Dr. Melinda Brondell

Foundations International Ministries

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