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His Kingdom Coming to Earth

Wow! Join us in reviewing all the Lord did on our three nation journey! Here are the “Cliff Notes” version of what happened. There is a short slide show at the end of each section you can scroll through by clicking on the side arrows or click the picture to switch to a full screen view.


  • 98 leaders equipped for ministry

  • 98 filled with the Holy Spirit

  • Five Bishops and four pastors training to be teachers at FBTC schools

  • New FBTC school in Kisumu

  • Fourth graduating class 26 Students

  • Deliverance, healing and refreshing

  • Salvations on Sunday 24!!

  • Nairobi, Kenya, visit fledgling school and church, one day training

Democratic Republic of the Congo:

  • 200 leaders equipped/trained

  • Outpouring of Holy Spirit with 100+ baptized in the Holy Spirit

  • Deliverances

  • First Graduation of FBTC, 32 students

  • 67 Salvations in four churches/baptism of Holy Spirit.

  • Four FIM churches

  • Chilibomwe & Kitwe, Zambia:

  • 2 New FBTC school plants

  • 1 New Church Plant

Chiengi NE Zambia:

  • 12 churches joining FIM

  • 300 people trained

  • Children’s ministry over 100 salvations

  • Children having visions from the Lord

  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit

  • Deliverance from demons

  • Youth Ministry

  • Culture Shifting

  • 21 students graduated FBTC

  • 4 new pastors ordained and set in

Lusaka, Zambia:

  • Training on true worship – SHIFTED Church Culture

  • Youth Ministry 65 young people touched by the Holy Spirit

  • Children’s ministry 58 salvations 200 children experiencing God’s love

  • Sunday Salvations 29

  • 120 leaders trained

  • 28 salvations door to door ministry, baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing & deliverance happened

  • 36 Students graduated, 31 leaders set in as ministers

  • Farm at Lubaba Village, Chibombo district dedicated to the Lord

  • First harvest of soy beans and corn ready for harvest.

  • Future home of FIM church

New nations crying out for training:

  • Tanzania – school material is being translated into Swahili

  • Uganda, open door with the First Lady of Uganda to start a school.

  • Rwanda

  • West Ghana


We will be returning to Zambia in September to conduct further training on some specific topics that they have requested. This will be a much smaller team from the FIM governing board. Please be praying for open hearts and for the provision to come in. We will need airfare, lodging and meals for the team as well as funds to transport, house and feed the pastors.

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