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Some have asked what does the Jewish year 5778 mean and what about passing this on. I apologize for not having the individuals name that authored this word. I believe it came via Chuck Pierce's ministry. If I find it, I will give credit where credit is due. In the meantime, I pray you will be encouraged. Robert

THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE DOOR! He (Christ) came to become The Door! The year 2018 (5778) is summarized by four words: DOORS, GATES, ANGELS, AND WAR!

Photo credit - James Nesbit Prophetic Art

In THE YEAR 2018, A New Generosity will release Power that will cause the enemy to flee! This will be a year of Firsts, New Beginnings, and Kingdom Demonstration since all 8"s are equated to firsts and new beginnings.

No matter how established you are, there will be new beginnings in your life, ministry, and spheres of authority. We, the Body of Christ, must manifest who we are and who we represent. God has a 'First Order" that will be required of His people this year.

This is a FIRST FRUITS YEAR! As we give our best, the 'New' will come forth. In the year ahead, we must get used to the weight of His glory. Just as the Lord lifted the cloud and the fire and put the Ark in front of His people, we must watch how the Glory moves over the next three years. This will be a season of new manifestations. This will be a year of new movement and corporate demonstration. We are in an apostolic season requiring us to be more corporate than individual. The Body of Christ must learn to worship across its boundaries-both spiritual and ethnic divisions.

This is a season when the Body of Christ manifests Kingdom advancement. We will go beyond fellowship and into strategic legislation of Kingdom purposes in the earth realm. This is also a year of RUTH. We move from just gleaning in the fields to having full access that secures our future.

This year begins the next three years of war over the inheritance of our future. Many times our warfare is centered around internal issues. Like Peter, we have to get beyond ourselves so we can be sent into God's mission and destiny that He has for each one of us. Another thing to understand is that the Lord is going to manifest Himself in the field as well as in Babylon (Micah 4). Now is the time to put our hand to the Sword, gain strength and power, and go forth into the land of our promise. Put on your armor and grab hold of the Sword (the promises of God). God is using how we developed in this past year to provide the access to what He is opening up in the season ahead. Last year, each of us went through many things that produced new truth, resulting in a Sword in our hand for the future. This year we must use that sword. This is the time of cutting off and gaining strength and power. Now is the time to enter into a new level of protection. Prepare to be extended through and into a place that God has promised, but where we have yet to gain our footing.

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