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Abundance - Igniting Holy Spirit Fire

Jim & Kelvin pose with the pastors and leaders gathered for the seminar for the establishment of FBTC in DR Congo

Territorial Increase, Igniting Holy Spirit Fire and God’s Promises Flourishing

A year and half ago God gave us a specific word concerning FBTC schools and FIM ministries expanding into several other African Nations beyond Zambia and Kenya. The Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Malawi were spoken of and a promise from the Lord that he would soon open to us those nations... and He is!

For the last year our team in Lubumbashi, D. R. Congo has translated all 14 FBTC training manuals into Congolese French. Apostle Jim Phiri and Apostle Kelvin Chewe (our FIM/FBTC leaders in Zambia) Just completed seven days in the Congo, training pastors and teachers on how to start our bible colleges and train them on the use of the manuals! They expected to have 10 leaders to train and arrived to find 22!

How awesome is our God! They are not only teaching those in Lubumbashi DRC but also leaders from the capital, Kinshasa! Below is an excerpt from a report Kelvin and Jim sent right from the mission field!

“Mama it is overwhelming here; the atmosphere is electric and these men and women of God are so great. We did not expect such a great response we know now why the enemy tried to block us from entering the country. The leaders are asking so many great questions and want to learn so much. We were to only have 10 leaders to train but we have 22! Daily we are teaching and training on the school materials, philosophy of FBTC/FIM and how to train others. Jim is doing a wonderful job! We had revival meetings last night at Caleb’s church where leaders from different churches attended. God is just pouring out beyond measure; the Spirit of the Lord is moving in all of our services as well as teaching times. The Congo has been waiting for such a ministry as FIM/FBTC, what a great God we serve. We have formally confirmed (installed) the nine churches under Pastor Aaron and Pastor Caleb who are now part of FIM.” (The FBTC School will launch a few weeks after we leave.) We have more churches who want to join us, that will take time. (more face to face time with those leaders here)”

The red star at the far North border is where Chiengi is located near Lake Mweru

Jim and Kelvin have now returned and are in Chiengi District in far Northern Zambia with Bishop Fidelis to teach and train 30 leaders and teachers for the FBTC schools and churches we are partnering with there! They will have five days of teaching, training and ministry. Yesterday, they visited all the 13 church sites. Kelvin says “we have to do much and ask God for grace to sustain such growth. The man (Bishop Fidelis) has in this region over 1500 people following him with multitudes of children. More training is needed than ever. We need to be sending small teams to train on regular basis. We have to work extra hard and believe God for more resources and servants to do the work. ”

Our dear leader in Kenya Pastor Julius, who has started four schools in Kenya, wants to work on translating the school manuals into Swahili! What does that mean for us? Swahili is spoken is several African nations one of those is Tanzania! He knows several pastors in Tanzania he believes would welcome FBTC and the type of training it offers.

As you can see, the growth is explosive, the result of building relationships for over ten years in this region. You just read the cry from Kelvin and Jim. They are willing to go as are other men and women that have graduated from the schools in Lusaka. The task appears overwhelming, but God…

What do we need immediately?

  • Two lap tops, one for Kenya, one for Jim in Zambia

  • Finances to send Jim, Kelvin and others to other nations and districts

  • Funding for Melinda and Robert to go to Zambia, Kenya and the Congo

  • Funding for investing in community projects that will sustain local pastors

We thank the Lord daily for those of you that have believed in the work God has given us and your faithfulness in your prayers and finances. Our board, Jennifer and Jeff Jackson, Jerrie Alexander, Sam and Beth Freeman and Melinda and I are constantly in awe of all the Lord has trusted us with and the caliber of people he has brought into our lives. With the expansion we are seeing and experiencing in Africa we see the need to expand our base here at home. Please help us by spreading the word to people you know that have a heart to see the Kingdom of God advance.

Robert & Melinda Brondell

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