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There is a river that runs along part of the land.

We now claim those opening lines from the movie "Out of Africa". God has given us a miracle! Thanks to a generous donation, we now have a 37 acre farm at Chisama in the Chibombo district. It is about 35 miles north of Lusaka then a “cow path drive into the bush”. This land is virginal tribal land that will be developed for farming and to raise animals to support FIM Zambia and some of the churches. More about the farm later.

Now that I have your attention telling how the journey wound up, I'll share a few highlights from the rest of our four weeks in Zambia and an earlier trip to Nagaland, India.

Main building contains administration, library, classrooms and men's dormitory

Robert Brondell and Bill and Pat Splawn, visited the Academy for Theology and Missions, a four year residential college FIM was instrumental in founding and building. They had the opportunity to daily be on campus to teach and impart to the students. They also had the privilege to minister in several village churches. Bill has undertaken to assist them in getting books for the library and also to build a virtual library. In order to offer master and doctorate degrees they are required to have 5,000 volume library. This is a major undertaking and your prayers are greatly appreciated.

April Zambia Journey Report

Leadership Team held four days of pastoral & leaders training for over 200 leaders in Lusaka. Our FIM oversight leader from Kenya Pastor Julius was brought in to attend two weeks of training in Lusaka and Copper Belt.

Pastor Tim Hogg teaching on "Pastoring the Prophetic"

Julius has planted four FBTC bible schools in Kenya.

The team then went to the Copper Belt for leadership training with 80 pastors and leaders from Central and Eastern and Northern districts and five representatives from the Congo! It was four jammed pack days and evening of training, ministry and impartation. The pastors from the Congo were installed as formal partners with FIM and FBTC.

The 14 manuals have been translated into Congolese French and a FBTC school will be started in August 2017.

Our second team focused on children’s, women’s, youth and intercession training and ministry. We reached over 400 women with the gospel, healing, deliverance and personal ministry. The team trained several children’s leaders and youth leaders. In one of the children’s ministry meeting over 90 children gave their hearts to the Lord along with 15 adults in just one service! We had countless people receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and every Sunday there were salvations in the churches!

Melinda and Rob daily met with countless leaders one on one with prayer and counseling for pastors and wives.

In one revival service the Holy Spirit poured out and we had many people manifesting demonic spirits and our team ministered healing and deliverance. It was a wonderful and beautiful thing to see so many people set free.

The house erupted in praise and rejoicing for those set free

My apologies for taking so long to post this update. Melinda and I and all of our FIM board and ministers are actively involved here in the USA in our various home churches as well. We see God moving mightily in Africa when we go, but I want to encourage everyone that He is moving here as well. The anointing the Lord places on us when we go out should not be any different than what we experience here at home. It is a mind set we have to cast down that God will only work through us when we go out. It is the sane God and the same Holy Spirit where ever in the world you are.

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