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Kingdom Culture Advancing in Southern Africa

What an incredible three days we had in Ndola! It would be impossible to tell or explain all the Lord did in those three days. Thursday night was a time of receiving the Holy Spirit and it was a holy, boisterous and igniting evening. Many of pastors were filled for the first time and others received a fresh out pouring!

Friday and Saturday we had teaching sessions all day through evening, the entire team ministered with authority and great grace. We had question and answer times which was so illuminating about their culture and areas of conflict between culture and God’s word. With so many regions represented and three nations the teachings were impactive and revelatory. We had six from the D. R. Congo and two from Kenya and 50 from many regions of North and Northeastern Zambia.

The Congo team really touched our hearts. By the laying on of hands, we set Bishop Caleb and Bishop Aaron as the apostolic leaders for F I M and F B T C for the D. R. Congo. They will help us identify other teachers who can grow the schools. Pastor Henry has already translated 2/3 of our bible school manuals into Congolese French. Shortly we will have our first FBTC bible training center operational in the Congo. These delegates caused us many joyful tears as they ask FIM to be their parents and overtake their lives and churches with the Grace God has given us. All of our team wept with humble hearts to hear the cry of these leaders. They are in great need of the foundational teachings we offer and the true father and mother heart.

Our dear son from Kenya, Pastor Julius was with us as well! We so enjoyed being with him and hearing of the challenges and successes of the schools in Kenya. He has asked permission to translate our materials into Swahili and take it into Tanzania. We also met with a Bishop from Northeastern province with oversight of 11 churches. He has received the manuals for starting a FBTC school and shortly will start the first FBTC in that entire region. He wants all of his 11 churches to have school training. We are expanding in a miraculous way.

Monday, we had the team split into three groups ministering to the women at two churches and one conducting training with children’s workers. The day concluded with revival services at the two churches. The next two days will essentially be the same at other churches.

It is exciting and humbling to be in the middle of God’s shifting and moving in Africa. Please, please, please; above all we need your constant prayers. The pace has been grueling and can wear down the stamina. Pray for good health, strength and revelation. We are still short for our budget as well. If it is on your heart to help complete the budget it will be greatly appreciated. You may give through the web site by clicking the blue icon to the right or through PayPal (

May His blessings overwhelm you, for the team, Robert

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