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Leaving on a jet plane

It's that time of year again. We are returning to our beloved Zambia March 22nd - April 24th with two teams joining us. It will be "full on" starting with a three day pastor's & leader's conference at our hub in Kabanana, Lusaka then on to Ndola with our team being joined by Apostles Kelvin Chewe and Jim Phiri and their team for another three days of teaching and training to strengthen the churches in the Copper Belt. We will have six pastors from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who are in the process of starting FBTC training centers. They already have ten of the course manuals translated into Congolese French! We also will be joined by Bishop Julius Mbachi of Kenya who has started three FBTC centers there.

The second team arrives in Lusaka on March 30 and will be focusing on training children's and youth ministry as well as door to door evangelism and ministering at local churches. When the two teams join ranks, we'll have a four woman prophetic team ministering in the local churches where many of the women cannot get away to attend a conference, so we are going to them.

God is using F.I.M. apostolically in this region, shifting culture both in the churches and communities. Our teams are made up people of diverse giftings and ages, ministering together to not only teach but in demonstration of the Fivefold working together in unity, moving as one man. We are seeing sons becoming true fathers in the Lord. We covet your prayers and support. If you would like to support this work financially, you can click the blue icon to the right, give through PayPal or write a check.

There is much work still to do in this region. Through several prophetic words and a vision Melinda had several months ago, that the DRC, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe are Kingdom lands. We already have an invitation to go to Zimbabwe. Last year we sent an apostolic team to the DRC and now they are coming to receive training. God has given us great favor in this region. Please consider sowing seed into the Kingdom.

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