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Transformative Power Of A Kingdom Mindset (part 2)

Kelvin and his wife Precious renewed their wedding vows along with 15 other couples at FIC Kabanana while we were there last year.


One of the greatest lesson we appreciate learning from Dr. Melinda Brondell and the teams is the area of God's overview of family and ministry. Throughout all our seminars, conferences and leadership meetings, we have come to appreciate God's order of service. This has come about by the teachings we receive through FIM and FBTC.

We had really misplaced God's order of service and to us ministry was the number two things from God then family was last. This had led to having many broken families.

I had a very young marriage with two beautiful kids, but the more I was doing ministry the more miserable my family became and I didn't know why. I thought I was doing the right thing and pleasing God by being so busy with ministry at the expense of my young family. I could wake up early, go into ministry and come very late in the night and mostly when the children were asleep, I could remain at church every Sunday and make sure that I pray for every last person standing and sometimes I could have my wife and small kids stay for hours without eating because I was busy ministering and they had to wait no matter what, and in many cases I could get the little funds left for family and take it into ministry and my family could go without lunch or dinner . My phone was always on for any church members to call at any time and in most cases I could leave my family eating and rush to minister to someone. I became so far from my wife and children to a level where my marriage was breaking but I didn't know why because I thought I was serving God in the right way by being busy for him. My wife had no voice because I used to tell her that I was called into ministry and had no option. I had attended many marriage seminars before but the teachings were the same.

The moment FIM came and rearranged the order of service by teaching us what the Bible teaches about family, and then we realized that we were very wrong.

In one of the FBTC manual of Ethics, we came to learn about Ethical traps and that blew our minds because we realised that we were victims of the trap of ministry being our mistress.

It wasn't easy to just shift like that but the continue teaching and persistence of FIM coming to minister every year made the transformation possible.

I am a living testimony; I am just arriving from the Copperbelt where I went with my wife and two kids. We did ministry together and we had a great family outing and we had a blast, serving God has never been so interesting and exciting as this. I have learnt how to spend quality time with my family, when to answer any call of duty.

We believe that FIM will reach too many broken homes as it continues to expand and ministers will be able to minister well.

It is a great challenge many ministers are facing and FIM has the solution in Christ.

Lastly in the foundations of leadership FBTC manual on the pitfall of leaders, we learn that ministry as a mistress is one of the pitfalls of many leaders.

Dr. Melinda Brondell and the entire FIM board and mission teams, please continue the good work you are doing.

FIM is unleashing International sons and daughters to serve the King and his kingdom.

NB: Dr. Melinda Brondell is not only an Apostle but a parent who is always there. Her life to us is a picture of who God really is, a loving father who is always there to laugh, encourage, rebuke, love, being close and all what a child need from a father.

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