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Fathers and Sons (Mothers too)

Jim Phiri is one of the lead apostles of Foundations International Ministries - Zambia and has apostolic oversight of all the Foundations Bible Training Centers In Africa. Jim is also lead minister of Harvest Church in George Township, Lusaka.

From a son

Mum and Dad, and the entire team of FIM ministers who have been coming to Africa particularly in Zambia.

I don't know how to thank God for you because of what God has done in our lives, families, churches, church leaders and our communities.

In the past 10 years FIM has won so many people to the Lord through personal work or door to door evangelism which you have been conducting in Kabanana, George and John Laing. Your ministry to our local churches has really transformed our churches. They have now become equipping centers where the saints are equipped to serve the Lord in their communities.

We also thank you for bringing men and women who have a passion for children’s ministry, a ministry which is not given serious attention in our culture. You have opened our eyes to see the potential in our children. Children who were 12 years when you started ministering to us, today are leaders in our churches.

Mama, all the women that have been coming here have been an inspiration to our women who, because of culture and traditions, were not allowed to do ministry. Today women in our churches are able to serve God with their different gifts.

We thank you for helping us to embrace team work, thank you for introducing the Jethro principle to us. We are now able to delegate and we are teaching others to do so.Thank you for teaching us to rightly divide time. Before, ministry had taken all our time and we never had time for our families. Now we have time for ministry and time for family.

Jim and "Mama" Interpreting for her at a recient leadership conference

We thank God for the establishment of Foundations Bible Training Centers. This has really helped us to train leaders, not only from our churches, but leaders from different denominations are coming to be trained in FBTC centers. Manuals and courses like Five Fold and Team Ministry have helped us see the restoration of the five ministry gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher which are now operating in our churches.

We are so excited to hear that you are coming again this year. We know there are some people who make it possible for you to come to Africa; please assure them we are praying for them also.

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