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Transformative Power Of A Kingdom Mindset

Kelvin Chewe one of the lead apostles of Foundations International Ministries - Zambia with apostolic over site of churches and lead minister of Foundations International Church - Kabanana, Lusaka

Grace to you all and God's mercies.

I have Known Dr. Melinda Brondell and Robert Brondell for over 9 years. I call them mama and papa because they have brought me as a child in the way I should go. In this time of interaction and meetings, I have come to see and appreciate the grace God has put on them and the great ministry (FIM) Which God has given them to steward over.

I was an untrained pastor, pastoring a small church in Lusaka, Zambia. Tradition was the basis of our doctrine and ministry, try and error was our leadership style. The church did not experience any growth because our leadership style which was based on one man's show. We didn't appreciate the fivefold giftings because we didn't know how God had set up his body; we were so much in ignorance. So church and ministry was just another thing to me which didn't make much sense even though I was gifted.

The moment FIM came, things changed because it was a tool God used so much to shape me and the congregation. I enrolled in FIM's first school of practical ministry (FBTC) and I was trained together with other pastors and leaders. It was like a light bulb coming on, on top of my head. I began to understand that God's intended purpose for ministry was to be a family. Now this family lives in a Kingdom, ruled by the King and its government has structures. The Kings name is Jesus Christ.

I learnt all the modules of FBTC prepared by Dr. Melinda and this time I can testify that I am no longer ignorant but rooted in the word of God and right doctrine.

We were raise by a person we called a spiritual father but he brought us up as orphans, it's the order of church in Africa. But when Dr.Melinda Brondell came into our lives, we begin to appreciate the real spiritual parenting and this has also led us to appreciate God as a good father. Through FIM we begin to appreciate God and today we can boast and rejoice in the Lord because we can see God through our spiritual parents.

Because we have good parents, we have also become very good parents to the flock God has given us charge over. This has caused the small church I talked about to expand and people are flocking to our FIM Churches to be fathered. We are experiencing exponential growth.

We have tight trainings through FBTC in all our churches (congregations) and we are training leaders and ministers. This has helped us to develop the fivefold giftings and rightly placing all the gifts in place. This time I can move and do ministry out of my town knowing that we are a team and without problems someone could stand in for me and lead the church. We also see gifted people coming out because we have a Kingdom mindset now.

Because of what FIM is doing we have experienced growth in the number of churches and we are bringing up very healthy believers. Also we have seen FBTC going in all the corners of Zambia with the latest place being further north of Zambia. FIM, FBTC started in Lusaka. Now we are in Central Province, Southern Province, Eastern Province, Copperbelt Province and recently Luapula Province where we are having 14 new churches and one central FBTC school, WOW!!

FIM has made great impact in our community because we are training ministers who are becoming credible and God fearing who are operating with the spirit of excellence. We are making orphans to be children with parents again. We are doing outreach programs like evangelism and praying for the sick in the community.

Every year we are graduating students from our different schools in very colorful events, and we are receiving great testimonies from the churches and ministers of how instrumental these leaders are becoming to their respective churches.

It started small but now it is growing so fast and serving it's God's intended purpose.

In conclusion, FIM, Dr. Melinda Brondell has been our greatest revelation and gift from God to the nations, who as Apostles of God are bringing the church to its original form and we are the living testimony of this.

Sincerely and the happiest of all, Kelvin Chewe.

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