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Glancing Back and Looking Forward

We have heard much about this New Year based on the Jewish Calendar we have entered the year 5777 the year of the sword of the Lord. The King has come to break open things, to set in place his word and His ways. This is the Kings sword wielded for His purposes and His authority. We are excited about the coming months and all the Lord has promised.

Rob and I have been in a real battle since September and the opposition has been fierce. The Good news is, no matter the opposition, the Lord has set his plans in motion and nothing and no one can stop what he has ordained. Many of you know I have been in a physical battle with a loss of eyesight in one eye and partial loss in the other, then fracturing my pubic bone in a fall. Slowly we are coming through! I am actually walking with a walker and trusting the Lord for the return of good eye sight. Rob has been (no surprise) exceptional in meeting every challenge with loving kindness, grace and patience. He has been my hairdresser, cook, cleaner, laundrymen and shoulder to cry on! He has always shown me the love of Christ but in this season I have seen more grace than ever before. So I publicly want to say how wonderful he is and thank him from the bottom of my heart for displaying such love and grace. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I see the clearing ahead and am believing for complete recovery!

In September/October we had the joy of returning to Lusaka, Zambia to do leadership training with our FIM and FBTC leaders. It was a time of great reaping, rejoicing and intense training.

Teaching of tithes & offerings & breaking the spirit of poverty

Question & answer time, one of our favorite things.

We had the honor of baptizing 20 new converts from three churches.

We had training time with 35 FBTC teachers. These teachers lead our bible colleges in multiple regions of Zambia. It was a delight to meet with these selfless men and women who train the next generation of leaders.

The schools are growing in leaps and bounds and the work is growing in huge measures. FIM Zambia has added 12 new ministries and churches and we find that our platform to train and equip leaders has set us outside the norm and highlighted us for extreme growth.

We also licensed and ordained over 30 ministers for the work of the Lord. Those young men and women are already active in harvest field and the reports of their service to the Lord reads like the book of Acts! We could not be more proud and humbled by all that is transpiring!

Looking ahead! In February Robert, Bill and Pat Splawn and Abby and Jacob Fuchs will be returning to Nagaland India. They will be teaching at The Academy for Theology and Missions,

Administration, class rooms, chapel & ladies dorm

the bible college we planted in Dimapur. This is FIM’s only four year residential college. They will be staying on campus with the students teaching daily; also will be ministering outside the college in the community and churches. Please join me in covering them in prayer now. They still need funds for airline tickets, so if you feel lead go now to the donate button and give into this God directed mission! Rob needs $2,000 and any amount to defray cost for the team is greatly appreciated.

In April we will return to Lusaka, Zambia taking teams into the region. This will be an intensive training and ministry time. We will have several teams coming in and out for the entire month. I’m asking that you begin to cover this journey now. Journeying to Africa for a month doing training and equipping is a huge financial commitment yet always brings transformational reform. Our tentative budget is $18,000; $7,000 for my and Robert's flights, lodging and food and $11,000 for transport, food, lodging and petrol for pastors and teacher training. (Approximately 300 leaders.) We have seen in the last 10 years major cultural changes in the areas where FIM and FBTC have influence. Some of those shifts are: Husband and wife relationships healed (wives are no longer treated as property), the practice of having a second wife has diminished greatly, abuse of wives/children greatly reduced. The act of chasing away leaders has been abolished in our churches. (Spiritual fathers chasing away/getting rid of through shame, embarrassment any of his children who displease him). Restoration of the five-fold ministry gifts to the churches. The word of God restored and biblical truth trumping cultural issues. There is still much to be done!

Thank you for joining with us in prayer and your financial support. We could not do what the Lord has given us without your prayers and generosity. We look to this new year with great excitement, joy and awe. The magnitude of the harvest is daunting yet the grace and favor to do the impossible is set before us. Come join us again in the great adventure of following the King! What a wondrous time to obey and trust him; the adventure of pursuing his purposes continues. Will you join us again?

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