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Running to Keep Up

Rejoice! The Lord is moving; His Spirit is pouring out and his people are positioning themselves to move with Him. What a wondrous hour we are in, a season of growth, harvest and promises fulfilled.

There is so much happening in mission fields; we are hard pressed to keep up! With Apostles Kelvin and Jim returning from the Congo and Kitwe we have much to set in place. The Lord poured such favor on our team and gave us a special gift named “Gift”. Pastor Gift was not only our guide and interpreter he was a strong co-laborer in the mission field of the Congo. The Congo for years has been in turmoil, with wars, plunderers, strife and extreme poverty. Not many missionaries go into such areas. We are in awe of how our Lord covered our team and gave them such favor in the churches and communities.

Apostle Kelvin sharing the Word in Lubumbashi with Pastor Gift interpreting

There are over 20 churches standing in the wings waiting for more training, our schools to be established and the truth of God’s word to be unfolded. The hunger there is palpable! Starting today we are working to have our school manuals and bylaws translated into French! The Congo at one time was a Belgian colony and the common language is French as well as many local dialects. We need to raise $400 to have the 14 Bible training manuals translated from English to French. If you can help with this project, please let us know quickly or just click the blue icon on the right side of this page.

Many of you have inquired where we are now and how you can help! We currently have 9 approved and set in affiliated churches. There are seven churches who have filled out paperwork and just need final interview with the FIM board in Lusaka, Zambia. Those interviews will be finished in two weeks. We will then have 16 affiliated churches, we have over 30 churches waiting for initial interviews (19 in the Congo, two in Kitwe, four in Southern region of Zambia and the rest in Lusaka region. The harvest is very ripe!

Apostle Jim Phiri reviewing school materials with Bishpo Gift and two of the teachers

The FBTC schools are flourishing and we now have four schools in Kenya, eight in Lusaka region, two in Ndola, two in Kitwe, one in Mwamba and three pending in Congo.

We are in the planning and praying stages of sending a team into Zimbabwe, we have an open door to this neighboring country. Apostle Jim will head this team being accompanied by Bishop Mangini and Pastor Joel. They will be plowing ground to start FBTC schools. These schools are our two-year Bible Training Centers that equip pastors in impoverished areas offering college level Christian education and spiritual training. These pastors cannot afford to go off to seminary; they can’t even afford books for further study. We train and then give our materials to local pastors who can start bible training centers in their own churches or communities with minimal costs.

Pastor Gift, Apistle Kelvin and one of the Congolese pastors

With all of this growth, Apostles Jim and Kelvin are asking us to come and help them train more of their leaders to lead apostolic teams to send out to teach, train and set in order the foundation for the new schools and churches. After praying together, the board feels in is imperative that Melinda and Robert return to Zambia in October, but we need your help to do so. Therefore, here are our immediate needs:

  1. Prayer, lots of it 24/7

  2. Airfare: $3,800 also buddy passes, sky miles.

  3. Lodging and meals - $1500

  4. Expenses to send team into Zimbabwe - $2500

We are asking you to prayerfully consider what you can do and click the blue icon on the right to give. You are part of God’s plan to reap His harvest. In “The Great Commission”, Christ commanded the disciples “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Not all can pick up and go, but you partake of the fruits when you help to send others.

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