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Apostolic Moving in Africa

Apostles Kelvin & Jim with some of the pastors in Kitwe

There is an Apostolic Shift Taking Place in Zambia and Neighboring Region

Much has been happening with F.I.M. in Zambia since our return in May. Apostle Jim Phiri returned from his trip to Kenya with malaria. As soon as we heard, we asked the Wednesday night group at The Father’s House Conyers, where Melinda and I serve, to pray for immediate healing. The very next day, he said the malaria was completely gone and his strength returning. Praise God!

Apostle Kelvin leading this group in prayer to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in Kitwe

We have been able to purchase a used eight passenger van for the ministry in Zambia. Transportation is not what it is here in the states. It was just in time for Jim and Kelvin to use for their mission to the Copper Belt region and on to the Congo. They had a short visit with Pastor Vincent and another pastor at Ndola before traveling on to a “thunderous” welcome from the pastors and churches in Kitwe. Pastor Gift’s church provided meals for them and a number of bishops, pastors and church leaders from the area. Kelvin reported that they were all overtaken by the Holy Spirit after lunch and didn’t break until evening. They spent two days teaching, training and sharing the vision for F.I.M. and the F.B.T.C. schools during the day then preaching in the evenings, seeing many salvations and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. They report that denominational barriers are being broken, reconciliation between fellow ministers and a great hunger for more of Papa God.

From Kitwe, Jim, Kelvin and Pastor Gift headed to Lubumbashi, DNR. Let me just let Apostle Kelvin’s last post to us speak for itself:

“Mom!! We are dumbfounded over what God is doing here and I cement the words you always tell me to say, "the nations are ready for the taking’’. Mom under the apostolic grace God has given you we find it easy to take the nations, we see the same pattern which happens when you enter a nation happening even to us here in Congo and the anointing is a double portion.

Gathering to hear Apostles Jim and Kelvin, Lubumbashi, DNR

We were gladly received and yesterday's meeting was a marvel. We had about 65 Leaders in the meeting and many were Bishops, Apostles and Pastors and a few church leaders. Today we will be having even a bigger number as it is a weekend as well as Sunday. We sat with the leadership after they tasted our material and ministry and they feel like partnering with us to teach Congo.

Apostle Kelvin addressing the gathering

Now what really encouraged me is the president of the fellowship wants to come under FIM. He told us of how he has prayed and believed God for a sound cover and finally he has found FIM. He is happy beyond word and we had a chat yester night for over 4 hours.

Setting in by the laying on of hands interim leaders for FIM Congo

Congo will expand even more than Zambia, it is a country which has really suffered war and their only answer is God. It has a population of over 65 million people almost 5 times bigger than Zambia. Now God has given us the man of peace who is the president and mom! Congo is more than ready for the taking. The platform is set and people will welcome you should the Lord give you direction to come. Momma we are glad to be a part of this end time harvest.”

They had a four hour question and answer meeting with many of the leaders that was excellent. They will be leaving a set of manuals with two “city fathers” to be translated and studied.

Our "sent ones" to Lubumbashi, DNR - Apostle Kelvin Chewe, Pastor Gift, Apostle Jim Phiri

Jim and Kelvin will spend a few days at Ndola teaching before returning home to Lusaka. They will need to rest up for the next mission to Zimbabwe.

We stand dumbfounded and amazed at what the Lord is doing and humbled that He allows us to be a part of His harvest, teaching and training workers. Amos 9:13 says “Behold, the days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed”. I believe we are beginning to see this come about. We started “plowing” in Zambia ten years ago. Now we are seeing the fruit appear even as we continue to plow new fields the Lord has shown us.

We serve a God that is more than capable. We cannot do anything without Him. We cannot move forward with what we believe He has called us to without him… and without you. We thank God daily for the faithful group that has believed in our ministry and undergirded us with prayer, and as they were able, with material support. We need you to help us spread the word and recruit others who would want to partner with us in this great kingdom adventure. Send them to the web site to learn more about us and how they can be involved. Then click the blue button to give. We are being called to move our tent pegs out and enlarge the tent. Pastors and churches are waiting. People are hungry for His kingdom to come on earth. Won’t you consider clicking the blue icon on the right of the page?

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