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Word from the Lord “Acts of Treason” (Dr. Melinda Brondell)

God has done magnificent things and we are still seeing the fruit of all he has blown his breath on. We have meet with two more pastors and we are at Bishop Nelson’s this afternoon/evening. Before a meeting this morning, the Holy Spirit spoke very clear to me about “Acts of Treason” against the King and the Kingdom. (I don’t know the depth of this yet, but I believe it is a vital thing for us to know) We are ambassador’s, representatives of the King and the Kingdom, we do and say what the King is doing and saying. We have no authority to use our plans or our ways. Our speaking is his words, his ways, his directives, his purposes, thoughts etc. When we speak carnally or use our flesh we are on dangerous ground as then the enemy can infiltrate our plans and then cause us to be in opposition to God himself. If not careful we can begin to agree with the enemies’ purposes hidden behind a cloak of religious traditions, self-righteousness and man-made systems. Now we have moved into treason. Treasonous acts are in sedition to the King, they divert, subvert or pervert God’s plans. We now join in the opposition party against our sovereign ruler the living God. This was the very battle Jesus had against the ruling party of Pharisees they even joined with Herrod and Pilot to kill Jesus. I’m not trying to be heavy here, the Lord is just unfolding what we have been up against and how he sees it. That is why so many have run to the truth! There is much more to this, but I’m asking for intercession to increase as we pass through the last days of our time here. Something bigger is going on and God is having his way..

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