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Holy Spirit Poured Out In Zambia

How awesome is our Lord! Our journey into Zambia was incredible and we saw the hand and breath of God daily! We had healing, deliverance, salvation's and exponential growth. Our team had the privilege of baptizing 33 people in one afternoon! The Pastors conference was a huge success 12 new churches are now linked with F.I.M. We will have 10 new Bible Colleges starting this year (we now have 19 Bible schools in Zambia). The teams were involved in house to house evangelism, seeing miraculous signs and wonders! Youth meeting changed the lives of over 100 young people! The women's meeting was a day of freedom from shame and guilt; what a joy to see over 200 women set free from abuse and rejection!

The men's meeting was so impacting we are still getting reports from leaders over the freedom the men received. It was a hard hitting, truth filled time of exposing secret sins especially sexual bondage. The men were astonished as to the subject matter as those things are not talked about nor dealt with in their culture. A day of deliverance and hope! How wonderful is our Lord.

The door to Zimbabwe is wide open, we will be sending a team in to establish a base for FBTC Bible schools. Bishop Nelson Mangini has opened the nation to us; we are astonished over his gracious acts. He placed his mantle for the nation over me, there is no way to describe what the Lord did in that meeting. His nickname is "Big Eagle"; he is ninety-two years old and a pioneer in church planting in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Apostle Jim Phiri is now in Kenya overseeing our 3rd graduating class in Kakamega with Pastor Julius! In July Apostle Kelvin Chewe and Apostle Jim will be going into Copperbelt visiting new churches there and then heading into the Congo where we have 6 new churches. It is impossible to tell in a short article all that happened in an entire month of ministry. Our Lord undertook his plans and blew his mighty breath on us; we will never be the same. Thank you seems to small a saying to those who sent us and those who covered us in prayer. May our Lord return to each of you blessings, grace and fresh life in the Spirit. Thank you everlasting Father for your son who gave us the inheritance of the nations; sweet Spirit we honor your leading and empowering grace, Yes and amen.

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