Melinda and Robert are founders of Foundations International Ministries, an international apostolic ministry birthed to set solid spirit-filled transformational foundations in leaders and churches. For 25 years they have raised, trained, ignited and commissioned hundreds of leaders into the work of the ministry.

Melinda& Robert have oversight of 25 F.I.M., churches, 20 FBTC Bible Institutes (two-year higher education apostolic training centers). They serve as Spiritual parents to 100+ ministry leaders. They have given their lives to international missions and training leaders in the nations.

The Lord is using Melinda & Robert internationally as apostolic voices to charge the church and leaders into deeper passionate relationship with the Lord.  Melinda is being used by the Holy Spirit to ignite reformation fire in the hearts of believers and transformational biblical platforms in the churches.

The hallmarks of Melinda and Roberts ministry is the spiritual authority they walk in, with a proven ministry where deliverance, healing and other miracles have been documented. The Lord has also given Melinda international and regional favor with leaders from many nations. 

Melinda & Robert have developed and instituted foreign field leadership training and missions works in Australia, Cuba, Canada India, Kenya, Nagaland, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda and Zambia. In those nations Melinda has had incredible open doors to minister to high level governmental officials.

Melinda and Robert are true servants of the Lord with a proven reputation of integrity, fear of the Lord and authentic love of the Father.



Board of Governors

Beth and Sam Freeman have been with F.I.M for over 15 years; in 2014 they were set in as board members of F.I.M. Beth and Sam both have strong proven prophetic ministries.  They are gifted and operate in the ministry of intercession and prophetic break-through. They are known as a couple with godly integrity and a passion to serve the body. Their prophetic insight is sought out by many.


 The Lord has used Beth and Sam to bring understanding to church leadership the purpose and importance of a praying church. Beth and Sam are gifted in prophetic dance, intercession and spiritual break-through. Beth and Sam both are called to counsel and work with those bound by life controlling substances. They both operate in the ministry of healing broken lives.



Board of Governors

Jerrie Alexander is an ordained minister with Foundations International Ministries and a graduate of FIM’s Foundations Bible Training Center. Jerrie is in her 17th year of traveling to other nations with FIM, working with and leading short-term mission teams. Jerrie has ministered in South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia and Nagaland. Her regional work has been with such ministries as Safe House, Blood ‘n Fire, Must Ministries and Prison Fellowship. Jerrie has served as Vice-President of Ministries for the Northeast Georgia Area Board of Aglow International Ministries. She currently serves with the Aglow International prison ministries and is on the board of F.I.M.


Jerrie moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with manifest power in deliverance, emotional healing and the prophetic. She has a proven heart of servant-hood and carries a prophetic anointing that marks her leadership ministry.  Jerrie is a proven leader in her own right and a valuable apostolic team member with F.I.M. The board of F.I.M. ministries stands behind Jerrie with the highest of recommendations.


Jerrie grew up with an alcoholic mother and a father who was involved in mystic/psychic religious teaching. Her life was surrounded by the curses of witchcraft, new age, insanity and false teachings. God miraculously liberated her spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Her testimony of God’s grace and healing has brought deliverance and healing to many.


Jerrie is married and has three grown children who are serving the Lord and ten grandchildren.



Board of Governors

Jeff and Rev. Jennifer Jackson have been with Foundations International Ministries since 2006 and are avidly and passionately focused on the fulfilling the great commission of Matthew 28:18. Both Rev. Jennifer and Jeff are in the marketplace full time as well. Jennifer is the founder and CEO of a legal consulting company and Jeff is an airline pilot for Alaska Airlines and loves flying the friendly skies.


Jeff and Jennifer are on the board of FIM and Jennifer is the International Coordinator of Mission Projects FIM. Jennifer operates as an apostolic leader with a strong teaching gift; she is as Dr. Melinda says “our right hand man”! She is known in the marketplace and the kingdom as a woman of integrity, wisdom and faith. Jeff has a heart for the suffering in Africa and is a strong advocate of the gospel.  



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