The Foundations International Ministries has been blessed with so many facinating moments for the past few decades. Below are various galleries of significant milestones of our Global Impact.


In the summer of 1996 while attending meetings at the “Toronto Blessing”, the Lord spoke to Melinda as she lay in her bed one night and said He was sending her to New Zealand, and from there he would open up the world to us. Of course, her spiritual response was “but I don’t know anyone there”. The next day she met Ken & Jacqui Kersley, you guessed it, New Zealanders. Long story short, they helped pave the way for our first mission’s trip twenty years ago. With the aid of Jacqui & Ken Kersley; Karen Robertson, Beverly Tabor, Melinda Brondell and Cindy Ussery; our very first missions team turned New Zealand upside down.  What started to be a “home group” meeting ended up being moved to accommodate over 200 people. In another town, the venue had to be changed nightly because of growing attendance, and had people standing outside at the windows to hear. God did some amazing things on that trip all because a few people were foolish enough to believe God. Stop and think a moment. How many pastors do you know would open their pulpit to four women they never heard of from the other side of the world? From that seemingly inauspicious beginning, we met our door into India. There is much more that God did along the way to confirm His calling but those are stories for another time.

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