All of the F.I.M churches are located in impoverished areas with 90% of the people living in extreme poverty. There is no running water, only outdoor toilets, electricity and basic school is a luxury as most are not in school because the parents cannot afford the required school uniforms and fees. Unlike the United States, most schools in Africa have little or no government funding so the cost is on the family.

Foundations International Ministries has been given an opportunity to help the people of Southeast Africa find a way out of poverty by helping establish businesses in these poverty stricken areas.

You can help make an impact by being an “angel investor” in these communities

There are many community businesses that could be started with small capital investments.  These church led business centers would hire unemployed individuals from the congregation and the members would own and run the business with church leaders and local entrepreneurs as oversight. We have many pastors who have identified skills represented in their congregations and appointed these people to train others on a specific trade. There are many people willing to work they just need a way to start. Help us show them firsthand that good ideas, hard-work and sweat equity can change a poverty situation through entrepreneurism.

Want to play a part in changing a community? Desire to do something lasting and beneficial? Consider investing with us to change lives! Click here to see business plans that need funding to launch.

Case study: Our first small business investment is at John Lainge Church outside Lusaka Zambia. For a $200 investment a treadle sewing machine and sewing material was purchased and placed in the church building. The widows who have no income are learning to sew, making school clothes and things to sell at the local market. These woman are on their way to having consistent income for living expenses and school fees.


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