FIM is an apostolic, equipping and training ministry. For thirty years we have led teams into the nations to bring transformational Kingdom truth to the church. We believe strongly in five-fold ministry teams  training leaders in kingdom principals and Holy Spirit encounters. 


Apostolic Mission is to teach, equip and train leaders in Kingdom Principals. Accomplished through leadership Conferences and Planting Bible Training Centers through out Africa. Out of those plantings we bring transformational truth to communities. Our teams provide evangelism, small business planning, children, youth and marriage seminars for Kingdom expansion.  


TAKE APOSTOLIC and FIVE-FOLD Teams to Equip and Train the Church.  Training Leaders Transforms Culture. Training Leaders Transforms Families. Training church body Matures the Church to be the End Time Bride. Plant two-year Bible schools establish sound doctrine and teach the Spirit led life to impact nations. 

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About our Founders

Apostle Melinda Brondell

Apostle Melinda is the founder of Foundations International Ministries (FIM) and Foundations Bible Training Centers (FBTC). The Lord is using Melinda internationally as apostolic voice to charge the church and leaders into deeper passionate relationship with the Lord.  Melinda is being used by the Holy Spirit to ignite reformation fire in the hearts of believers and transformational biblical platforms in the churches. 

The hallmarks of Melinda’s ministry are the spiritual authority she walks in, with a proven ministry where deliverance, healing and other miracles have been documented. The Lord has also given Melinda international and regional favor with leaders from many nations.  She has planted 75 FBTC schools in 6 nations. She has trained over 25,000 leaders in 13 nations. 

Apostle Robert Brondell

Apostle Robert is co-founder of FIM.  He birthed an international apostolic ministry that brings spirit-filled transformational teaching and mentoring to leaders and churches.  Robert and Melinda have oversight of 75 F.I.M., churches, 72 FBTC bible colleges in six nations. Robert is a passionate teacher and is a loved spiritual Father to many. 

Our Team
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Pastors Tim and Debbie Hogg

Board of Governors

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Jeff and Jennifer Jackson

Board of Govenors


Jerrie Alexander

Board of Governors